Monday, March 31, 2008

Was wondering today what song to choose for our 1st dance.I have a few options as listed, and definitely know that I want a swing orchestra, that is if we manage to find one in Hungary.With old school stuff, that everybody enjoys. Hate those weddings where suddenly after the cake is cut the disco thing happens.I think it takes away from the magic of the event.I like to party and all that but one can do that any weekend in a club, don't need my wedding for that.

Here's my List:

-Moon River
-I get a Kick out of You
-Blue Skies
-Beyond The Sea
-Over the Rainbow /What a Wonderful World

I love them all, just can't decide, was suggesting 'The Lady is a Tramp' to Df too cause I like the melody, but I think it might be slightly weird as a first song , hehe.But one thing is sure Frankie Sinatra will definitely be our inspiration when choosing the music.(Frankie&Ava, above)

Not to mention the dancing lessons we'll have to take,DF is a lovely dancer , the problem really is me , and the fact that when i dance I end up trying to lead every time. But in my phantasies I see us gliding over some imaginary dancefloor, just like professional ballroom dancers. If only sitting on the couch watching 'Dancing with the Stars' could teach that!

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