Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just ate a big plate of good ol'German meat n potatoes followed by an entire rice pudding.BAD IDEA!Just as bad an idea as eating a full-on diet lunch followed by bingeing at dinnner. Oh well.. moving on.

Apparently weddings are in the air, I am soo excited for my friend's wedding in August, and she just sent me pictures of her top two dress choices, just wish I could be back there and go dress shopping with her.I love both dresses they completely reflect her kooky playful sense of style but manage to be completely elegant.One of the dresses has flower appliques the other little dots. (I tried adding the pictures but it just didn't work out) I vote for the flower one, I mean her name is Flower-it would be so perfect! is the link if anybody is interested.The dress above is just one of the dresses I happen to like.

The other wedding is slightly less personal.Besides me checking out this morning and learning of the crucial world event that is Beyonce & Jay-Z applying for a marriage licence.One of my favourite bloggers of fame is apparently also tying the knot.Its weird thinkig that more than two years ago when I was just applying to UNI here in P. I used to read her blog about her life in Paris trying to figure out how I would like it.And now I live here myself, in the same quartier as her no less,(though by pure accident I sooo prefer the slightly posher 5th) and am engaged! the woman's got a book out and moved on from her than life partner to a new guy she is about to marry. Life's funny.

Apart from my musings about weddings I got four (4!) interviews coming up in the next two days, and my DF to deal with.He has not only been moody over the last week but we got some household issues I am desperate to resolve. I've been picking up after him and doing most of the upkeep on the apartment and its starting to bug me.Nevermind the fact that when we decided to move in together my one request was for a cleaning lady to come once a week.Well I had a reason DF seems to be completely oblvious to dirt, mess etc., and immune to training in the area, which is starting to drive me mad.So our 1st purchase if I start a job will be a new cleaning lady.
Fingers crossed for the interviews!

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