Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SOOOO tired.Maybe going to a Jazz club with friends on a Tuesday night wasn't such a good idea, but it was fun so worth the zoned out mess I was at work today.DF even came to the Jazz place after work and we went home together so that was lovely.Today the plan was coming home, making myself a salad and for once actually taking the time to draw a bubble bath, but so far I checked all my favourite websites and have been on the phone for an hour with one of my best friends back home chatting about her scandalous life while eating cake.Not exactly what I envisioned but also fun.

Lately I've ben thinking about something fun we could add to our wedding, like a fun midnight snack idea or some kind of show or something Hungarian, but so many things seem just either tacky or boring.I dunno need more inspiration.So far my ideas are a candy bar,bringing out a popcorn cart in the courtyard where the dancing will be, or some Hungarian gypsies.But my ideas are just not where they should be yet.

Can't wait to go to Hungary in June and maybe interview one or two more wedding planners before I make up my mind, maybe they'll have some interesting ideas.I already have one on backup but can't completely make up my mind to hire her yet.Anyway that decision can wait till August.But we already ordered our Save The Dates,hope they turn out well, and arrive well, as we ordered them in the States on and have a friend bring them to Europe.I was thinking of including the imge here, but kinda want to keep it a surprise for now.

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