Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picked up my check for the interim job I was doing last month and am pretty excited as it's a bit more than expected.Of course with both my mum's and DF's birthday's coming up I have to be careful , but kinda feel like celebrating anyway.I thought I'd take DF out for a change , I mean he's great with taking me to restaurants both fancy and down home,but even so there are a few places that I love or am sentimental about and he thinks is a ridiculous waste of money.Case in point Mariage Freres' high tea,Cafe at Angelina, Plaza Athenee or Cafe Flore. All of those he refuses to do, and I, despite the cheeziness and tourists adore.But if the weather stays as lovely as now maybe I can lure him to the Flore or les deux magots, we could have lunch on the terrace next Saturday and then buy some macaroons at Laduree and go eat them in the parc.Ah when work is boring it's nice to dream about spending the money one earns :-)

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