Friday, April 11, 2008

I've got a new dilemma, and it's quite annoying as I had a feeling it might happen.So I have the deadline to accept my second choice job offer on Monday.I like the offer just fine , but the job is a 6 month contract only, and in a transport company , which is as far from my ambitions as it gets.Now my first choice company called me today whether I could come in for an interview next monday.Of course I'd rather have that job but, havig the interview on Monday means that by the time they decide whether they'd offer it to me at all, I would have lost my other chance.Its a bit of a gamble.
My other possibility is to say yes to the offer I already have , then go to the interview, and if they were to offer it to me I could still leave transport company to take it.Not exactly morally great, but legally possible during the trial period. If I say yes to one I'd like to stand to my word, bu the other company is in many ways better for me , closer more prestigious and the contract would be for unlimited time.I think I will have to play my cards right, I want to end up with my preferred job , but not end up without any job at all.

Apart from that, still enjoying my last days of free time.DF was had the day off yesterday , we cleaned (after my freakout last wek he's much better at helping)then did errands, bought about 5 dvds and had a cosy nite in , instead of being social and meeting friends for drinks.Whatever I think we need those too once in a while.And he cooked great chili con carne and I finally managed to bake the corn bread I craved for so long.So that was it we just chilled ,eat and watched 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and 'The Illusionist':-)

We were also thinking whether there is any way we could add a Beagle puppy to our gift list.We'd really like to get one after the wedding, and it would be the perfect present but I really doupt any of the gift list services offer a puppy to order.Such a pity if one can register for honeymoons and paintings why not pets.Would make sense I think

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