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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Red

I'm so over people hating Valentine's Day,single, not single, just go with it enjoy the kitsch the chocolate the flowers, spread the love to friends or lover or husband.. even if admittedly I had a majorly shitty day at work , I just have to gaze at my new candy-apple red patent Louboutins ( that were technically a Christmas present) to make me swoon.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Classic Weekend ..

Some weekends just got that perfectly weekend-y feel to them . It happens when the balance of doing nothing / hanging out with friends / being out on the town and chores works out just so. It happened tis weekend.I finally mastered getting up early ( well at 9)Saturdays to get the gym out of the way by midday then had a little window-shopping / sale shopping excursion, where i finally scored those black pumps ( my wardrobe sorely need) on sale an mind-marked two or three blouses and a jacket to pick up with next months paycheck for spring outfits.Of course WHSmith was included for fresh Vogue and a skip over to Pierre Herme for white truffle macaroons then home for a movie and some magazine devouring and as a chore thrown in a home pedicure .
Then Sunday the American Church with friends and a quick coffee,dashing home sorting out my closet on a whim and a tasting menu dinner at another friends fabulous apartment tonight. And so it goes. of course perfection would have included a dinner à deux with the husband and maybe some Sunday cake baking but for now i'm content and dreaming of summer weekend perfection involving picnicking and Kirs on an open terasse.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

On Shoes and Home

When husband announced last week that he would leave me for a week to go to London I was envious and sad but also happy to get a chance and make plans with friends, listen to my music whenever I wanted , write more on my blog ..Then the first day he is gone tragedy strikes in the form of a badly strained muscle in my back ,which left me for days in agonizing pain .Thus my the lovely plans were thwarted.Now he is back, I'm back to painless life and spent a lovely day researching the perfect black heel. ( Nr1 goes to Jimmy Choo's Gilbert, Second Prize to Declic by Luboutin)taking a restful hour reading Tatler, Vogue, Vanity Fair and my new favourite PG Woodehouse chez Angelina and cheating on WHSmiths with Galignani, where i found quite an inspiring selection of books.

Since blogs seem to be the preferred outlet for these:

On to my (new years)GENERAL resolution;After this last purchase of much needed perfect black heels I wow to look more into the future and redirect my sartorial attentions (and hopefully savings) from flimsy fashion buys to the more worthy home objects.

Maybe I'm inspired by our plan to buy an apartment in Budapest,maybe its just the shocking realisation that an armchair can be had for less then a pair of Jimmy Choos, either way I hope to aquire some pieces for our future dream apartment in the coming years .

And so here a list of worthy objects I found on : ;,, and of course

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Moodbook

A few photos I took during the last weeks winter impressions from Paris to Budapest .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

-6C and snowing...

This is not meant to be a weather report but I thought the extreme of the winter here is worth sharing. And yeah after two days of running around town looking for last minute gifts and viewing apartments I caved in and bought some fake ugg boots. The high heel leopard print booties were just not cutting it anymore.I'm not sure whyapartment hunting at Christmas-time in Hungary seemed like a good idea from Paris , I shoud know better then plan any outdoors activity in freezing Budapest wintertime. Feeling better too. though reclaimedmyvoice albeit a few shadesdeeprthen before voiceloss .Feeling Back to myself which seems to be the case when ever I come back home and spend a few days away from work.I also discovered a disk with all myold photos so i'll be sharing thosehere even though some of them are ridiclously over-photoshopped ( like that too strong sepia-tint)still they remind me of tose years full of lofty creative aspirations before I started working.