Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First day at new work today.It all was much better than expected, seems like I might have found a French company where people are actually NICE!Crazy I know.It might have something to do with the fact that I no longer work in fashion PR surrounded by aging bitchy queeens.No, instead apparently I will be surrounded by pregnant women (I counted 5 in the company today.)Let's just say I hope I won't catch that bug. Work will be boring but money's fine,at least for Paris, not exactly famous for fabulous pay, which is me yet another reason to consider moving to London.

But speaking of pay, I have a new reason for saving up as much as possible.Well as I wrote before my mommy is going to pay for most of the wedding and DF for honeymoon, wine and a few other stuff. And he graciously told me that since it was me who was obsessed with the photography bit and planning on flying someone in, thus raising costs ridiculously , it could be me who paid for the photographer. YEAY, how sweet of him,though must admit he has a point.

But now to the news. Yesterday when I was perusing my fave wedding blog stylemepretty.com, I saw this post :
" Andreas is offering photography services to SIX couples over the next year for a special book project. Destination weddings typically start at around $10000 but Andreas is offering this package to six couples for just the cost of two return airfares and accommodations."

So I answered it and Andreas Avdoulos, the photographer has gotten back to us, nothing is signed yet, but I'd be thrilled if it would work out.I looked through his portfolio on his website ( http://andreasphoto.ca/main.php )and its exactly the style I wanted, the images are beautifully constructed, just stunning.
Of course that doesn't mean I won't have to save up for the airfare hotel and per diem which will still come up to about 2000 eur (about 4 times as much as the most expensive Hungarian photographer)but the package an quality we'd get for it would make it worth it.

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ANDREAS said...

hey let's do this! email me and we can secure things okay?