Friday, April 4, 2008

Completely exhilarating day.Had three interviews,one at 10:00am another at 14:00 and another again at 17:30, all of them lasted about an hour, were in completely different parts of the city, and two of them in FRENCH!But all is OK and I think I did pretty well, though don't want to JINX it by getting my hopes up.I know which one of the three jobs I am interviewing for I want, but it would be oh so too perfect to get it.The nice bit was after running around all day on my way home from my last interview I saw this guy on the metro who looked completely lik Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy from Grey's! Very yummy!So I came home made myself a fruit salad gave myself a pedicure and started rewatching the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy.
That 1st season kicks ass, seriously.(:-) inside joke)Somehow all the actors look better in the 1st , and the music is awesome, liked the old trailer more too.Anyway I had fun rewatching it.Especially since its perfect to take my mind off the job situation.

Oh also stopped by Tiffany's today, had to get DF's moneyclip polished and fell in love withh a ring.I plan on buying it myself once the wedding madness is over, its the perfect 'I'm rewaring myself present'.(pic from

DF was sweet yesterday,it was his free day so after I was done with my appointments I thought it would be nice to go see The Other Boleyn Girl, but it was sunny and h convinced me to just go have a stroll in the city and then go for Fondue.To be honest after I was so frustrated with him for a couple a days I thought us goin to a movie miht just help not have a fight. But we had a drink in the Marais, bitching about the passing people together and bonded again.(always a great collection of eccentrics around Les Philosophes) And it was great to have dinner together, kinda felt like a date in the early days again.So all is good.Now if onlyI got the JOB.
OK goin back to Grey's for now.Just till DF gets back and takes the PC from me.

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