Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moving on ???

AHHH , I signed up on yesterday and sent my CV to an ad for a job in London that looked quite interesting, and today they called me. It was a weird phone interview and the job requires french so until tmrw I have to write a motivatioal letter in french for the job. Its just another hoop to jump through but I am quite excited and a bit anxious at the same time. Since that last black day I had quite a strong feeling that my career is just not in France, I just have a feeling that its not here that it is going to happen. But of course that has so many consequences , moving , money, stress. And DF who always imagined his life here, I just hope that if it were t happen our relationship would survive it. Oh another thing I just got an e-mail from the language school I applied for, I should go in on friday an do a trial lesson with lesson plan etc. the pay they offer is so bad im not sure its worth making so much effort but of course I should just do it if for nothing else than for the experience.

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