Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things are GOOD!

GOD I love weekends, even more so now that I have some work, DF properly made up for his recent grumpyness , he was really sweet on Friday when I got back from work , let me relax n chill out and then took me for nice dinner, we didn't have diner the two us alone for such a long time and it was lovely to go out, spend some time together and eat lotsa meat sauce n mashed potatoes :-). On the way home we got two big tubs of Ben&Jerry's, got home n watched 'As Good As It Gets' for the millionth time. All in all a pretty perfect evening.

Yesterday tho was a bit stressful cleaning apartment shoppig for brunch then I went to pick up that blouse I had been wanting for quite some time n the new Vogue. Then came home n collapsed reading the mag. But I do feel slightly ambivalent bout them 660 pages of VOGUE?! try 640 pages of advertising with 20 pages of Vogue, but what can I do, boycotting them so far never worked. I always give in an buy them anyway.

So now we are preparing brunch for 8 people , its so much fun, the fridge is filled I have been making muffins since 10 and the apartment filled with flowers.I really am in love with ranunculuses, they are sooo pretty,like a mixture of roses and poppys . I would thin of using them for the wedding instead of roses, if I knew that they were actually known in Hungary.Gotta go back to baking now.

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