Monday, March 10, 2008

this'n that

Its incredibly stormy windy and wet here, so that it turned into another day when I'm not leaving the house.But tomorrow rain or shine I'm braving the weather. My mommy phoned me this morning and told me that since she was sorry for me not having shopped since christmas (not striktly true)she sent me funds for those cute zara stuff I saw last week but didn't buy.The money I had back then has since vanished as we did weekend goceries and such.What can I say , my mom is amazing and I am a spoiled brat. But hey a girl's gotta have some fun once in a while. So tmrw whatever weather may come I'm outta here.

Also planning a brunch for friends next Sunday , so I gotta head to ZARA HOME, to pick up some plates, we got our china there and I hope they still have the same design.Im going into full Martha Stewart mode over that brunch, already know what I'm baking,two kinds of muffin & french toast & vodka raspberry shakes, what flowers with which vase I want...;scary I know.DF deals with the booze n savoury stuff so tha's sorted, but I'm worried bout where ppl will sit. We only invited 8 but I don't want to have seated brunch so it will be ppl sitting on the sofa ,n chairs but what if thats not enough and the dinig chairs are a bit stiff so maybe I'll get some floor cushions. Ok enough of this.

Yesterday afternoon while DF fell into a comatose nap(4hours!)I got thinking about my last post. Maybe I was too harsh on other people and their relationships. I mean I was single, well not really single but dating, for three years and really made so many stupid decisions about men. Had quite a few relationships where I was the delusioal one ,where there was really no way it was going to work out and I still stayed and tried.In the end it is all those failed ones that make me appreciate and actually recognize what I have with DF. So for some of my friends who In my humble oppinion dont make the right decisions or are not in a happy situation, I came to the conclusion that hopefully its a journey they have to go through and that will hoefully make them smarter and in the end happier with their choices.

The only other addage to that is only that whatever style of relationship people choose, whether it is open, or a fuckbuddy or a commited relationship , the only thig that is important to me s that the situation should make u happy and there should be a balanced power relation betwen the people involved.Thats my two cents of he day on relationships.

Now that I have BS'd my way through this I get to share some more wedding stuff ( always cheers me up) so although it is not 100% yet, the pictures above are where DF n me might get to spend our honeymoon. Its Carmel in CA, where the family of a friend of us has a house and they would let us their guest house. I am so excited about this since it would be my 1st time in the US, it's meant to be really pretty and in June our only other option was Europe (monsoons in Asia) and that would have been boring. So if it works out I'll be sooo happy.

PS: The pictures are from Carmel's official site.

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