Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Ah yellow, the colour of Easter , the colour of happyness and of jelousy... Yeah I admit I'm jelous. Everybody is out of town on their little easter weekend trips, in London or Spain, and it really irks me that we get to stay in Paris. Im usually ok with DF's schedule and the late nights, but he works tonite and Monday night too, which makes it impossible for us to leave. I really feel sorry for myself.Especially since being stuck in the city in springtime already makes me feel like I'm missing out on this big event that is watching our garden bloom into Spring. So my general mood right now is that of irritation. How fun for DF. Feeling like I'm in the wrong city to ever get my career going doesn't help.

Ah well since buttery yellow is one of my favourite colours, and perfect for this time of the year. I thought I'll add this inspiration board from to lift my mood.I would have made it our wedding colour but DF vetoed it, cause it won't go with his ginger hair. Gotta love having a man with oppinions on style.That dress is just too cute though. Plus hey I just made myself an avocado mask so at least my skin will be glowing even if I'm not.;-)

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