Monday, March 17, 2008

AHHH Monday and I'm already tired, its just the freakin travelling there and from work that gets to me. It's like at point 7 in the morning the entire city is on it's way from one end to the other , just crossing Chatelet is pure insanity.I wish I could find something within the city , oh whatever I wish I could find a proper job . Period. Wherever.

What a surprise work today was boring , again , just calling people all day.But I am moving fast through what I've got to do and am almost certain that I will finish ahead of the time they thought , I mean this job is meant to be for two weeks n I'm pretty sure I'll be done this weeks.In a way even if it means less money I'd be releived. Don't know whats wrong with French offices but the atmosphere just kills me.Before I went to University I did a horrible telemarketing job for a year and it truly sucked , but at least the people working there were fun and everybody had the feeling that we were in it together , and the managers gave pep talks n stuff.Those people were fun , the work was the same but it makes such a difference with whom you work. Beside all the other important stuff it really is one of the aspect in finding a job that matters to me.Alas beggars can't be choosers.

But had good news today too. One of my longtime friends back from high-school got engaged.I am sooo happy for her especially cause she was really hoping for it lately and FINALLY! He proposed in a very cute way too , I'm almost jelous. And matched the ring's stone to her blue eyes. Its such a sweet touch.
Of course the whole thing sparked a bit of drama too right away, as some of us are a bit disappointed that she won't have a big wedding.And although I really truly understand the reasons behind it,budget , better honeymoon, more intimacy... It makes me a bit sad for one because I think its nice to celebrate your wedding with the people who have been there for you through all those relationships that went wrong or just didn't hold up. The girls who listened to the drama, the obsessions etc. For me having those girls at my wedding is important. Of course there is the other reason, the fact that (hopefully) this is the one chance one get at a wedding. Why miss out on the first dance, the bouquet throwing , the best man's speech and all those other special moments you will only have once.

Having said all that, my parents got married with only two friends at their wedding, (to sign the papers) and me. I was 1 year old and at my parents elopement. Can hardly get more unconventional than that.Weddings are such an intimate issue that in the end everybody should just do whatever they want, and everybody else can go to hell ;-)!

BTW brunch yesterday was amazing, it was intimate (only 7 of us)but we got to see a friend of DF's we havent seen in such a long time and his girlfriend who is pregnant with their surprise baby.She is so cute and I really enjoyed seeing how being with her and having this new chapter in his life changed him it was a funny afternoon, and they all managed to eat through about half the mountain of muffins I baked in my overzealousness.
So in memory of it(and because DF hasn't uploaded yesterday's pics) I'll include one of my fave images from Its meant to be an afternoon tea, but hey could be a brunch, I so wish I'd live in the time of high tea and those lovely dresses.

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