Thursday, March 27, 2008

For some reason I'm feeling this Sophia Loren picture tonight.Such amazing lighting and her face! I looove it , the make-up too, but the entire woman is just so sensual.For some reason I always; and I don't think this is unique just admire the old stars that much more, its the class I think. Loved Loren in pretty much everything and Rita Hayworth in Gilda singing ( ) is the best scene in movies ever.Well that's debatable of course but hey I'll just throw this one out there.I don't remember what brought me to this topic , but I guess its partly that I'm thinking whether I should colour my hair red after the wedding. Too afraid to do anything to it before other than just let it grow. But after I would love to try red. Especially since with my pale skin I think it might just work. And if not I'll just put a silk scarf round it for a night,(very old Hollywood) and have it coloured back the next day.Its just that I always wanted to try red, never really blond ,the chemicals would completely ruin my hair, and i'd look washed out , not to mention that I think blond is a bit boring.Red on the other hand, very exciting, well thats just my oppinion.

On another note, my plan to switch to healthier eating today kind of backfired.Yeah I did have pasta with cukkinis&aubergines for lunch and then I went to the boulangerie near work an got myself an eclair au cafe as reward. In the evening the same, I had an artichoke and veggies for dinner and then went completely nuts with the box of homemade meringues.Pure SUGAR!well and pistacchios. I really have to start thinking about a diet that might work , in all seriousnes I have to loose 10 kg until the wedding.NO JOKE.But I figure why start now ,I'll start sarving 6 months before , should be enough , yeay.
On that fun note I think I better go to bed and out of the vicinity of the fridge.

Oh yeah had a call today , got another interview next week thursday, not having my hopes up too much, but hey if ever I get a job, I can always change the blog from wedding/job search to wedding/diet blog . Just as long as the wedding bit stays I'm ok.

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