Monday, March 24, 2008

Slight Panic attack

Uh feeling a slight panic attack creeping in about the wedding. I know I have about 15 months to go and that's plenty , its just that there are way to many details to consider. And the fact that I'm sooo far away.I know I know there is time blah blah blah, but the place isn't booked yet, I have been to about one (1!) bridal dress shop , and haven't gotten back to the planner with our idea of a menu not to mention booking planner and catering ,oh yeah and the ideal photographer hasn't even gotten back to us, plus since we plan getting invitations from the US and have them shipped there by friends it all gets slightly complicated.And every time I see weddings featured in magazines my inner perfectionist (or brdezilla, call it what u want) kicks in and I have even more details floating in my mind that become all-important, right now those are : the vases for the tables , the wedding programs, perfect colour of beige-gold for bridesmaid dresses and oh so more ;-)

On a little diversionary note before I get completely insane over wedding things, I was at WH Smith's today with DF , and saw this book called La Patite Anglaise. Whats funny is that its written by this English girl who moved to France after her studies , had a child with a french guy and writes a blog about her life in Belleville ...So the entire book came about because she was writing her blog about her life inParis and is based about it. And back in college in Budapest when moving here was only in the planning phases I actually read her blog daily.OMG I so envy her. Though I can see how that would make sense too , so many people out there with this mythic idea about life in Paris. I might be slightly over my cynical breaking point to make life in Paris seem appealing to others.Oh well. I guess it just struck me because its a modern fairy tale come true. Girl writes blog, which literary agent reads, and gets offered book option, which then becomes bestseller.Ahhh

Other than that we had nice chilled out weekend even though I would have loved to leave the city it was quite nice to hang out together and watch a marathon of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC, very tacky and very fun to watch with Mr. Bitchy personified.And I managed to drag him to Angelina's today and make him wait in line for 20 min which was dangerously close to his patience's braking point.But, at least for me their hot chocolate totally made up for it.
Ah above you see my ideal setting for wedding dinner, now if only I could get my caterer there.

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