Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I really am trying to post every day ,besides everything else I just think its great training , and good for me to keep this as a sort of diary, but with this job its hard, not even the job itself but commuting an hour and half each way, then by the time I would get to relax I should go to bed cause otherwise I'm tired again.It doesnt help that our upstairs neighbour is moving his furniture around until 3am every night, its so annoying especially as I'm a light sleeper.Seriously his noise keeps me up at night thinking what on earth he's on about in the middle of thye night, that could be so loud, maybe he's a sculptor, or a carpenter or furniture designer....etc.who knows but the other night i couldnt take it and stormed out in my pink fluffy bathrobe and silk nightie and told him that I actually had to get up pretty early.Must have been a beautiful sight.
The other thing that irks me today is that I got a call about another interview and didnt write down the company name correctly , so now I can't confirm the interview , can't look u the company , and will have to call the lady back sooo annoying and nobody to blame but me , huh . Will go watch an episode of Gilmore Girls before I fall into bed.At least it transports me into a happy place.

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