Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WOW going for interviews in this city seems like being on a really bizarre gameshow. At least this afternoon felt like it. First they call me at the last minute, tell me that the meeting has to be half an hour later, so I had to walk around the area for half an hour,since doing anything worthwile for that time is impossible.Then they leave me in this HUGE white room alone for 15 minutes before the person inerviewing me finally comes in.Thats not even the bizarre part, so the interviewer was this tall young french woman who is obviously a recruiter and not actually from the company i'd be working for,and the entire time that we were speaking, there was NO reaction on her face whatsoever, I was nice and as charming as I could be, but GOD having no facial movement on her and no feedback at all really freaked me out.It was like she was an interviewing robot.Not to mention the fact that it was all in french which made it even more scary, but I did pretty good, was pretty fluent, it was only a few times that I didnt find the right word or got stuck but it worked out ok.Ah but I soo hate tose freakin cliche questions, like 'If we were to call your former boss what would she say are your weaknesses?' or where do you see yourself in 5 years or what do you think is your negative attribute. Seriously I really dont think how that contributes to the process. I don't think anyone in their right mind would answer something like my biggest weakness is that i'm not really ambitous n actually I'm quite lazy too ;-). Or in 5 years time I'd like to be home with a baby, or frankly I'm just perfect. Of course I didnt say that but I hate it anyway. Plus interviewing in English feels like I have some sort of control over where the conversation is going and can actually shape my answers in an eloquent fashion , but its nnoying that in French I really am just happy to have understood the question and answer it in a somewhat fluent manner. Frustrating, is all I can say. Especially since I really think I'd be great for the job. It's coordinator for their new German website, I speak German, like the internet love fashion and coordinating stuff.
Oh well there still may be some hope.Maybe I should tell DF to tell his mum to pray for it. They are quite believing and on some level I believe in it too, maybe it could help.
Other than that I am a bit nervous tmrw I have to get up at 7am (!!!) and head to work again, even if it is temporary it makes me feel quite good to have sthing to do. And I'm excited to be in a new environment, even if the job itself won't be too exciting.We'll see.
I still have to organize the brunch on Sunday and get the apartment to work out. It really irritates me tho that DF isn't good at keepings things together at home, plus we've been living here for more than half a year and still dont have those f*****g nails in the wall to hang up picures and mirror . So annoyed at that!! I might just go n buy a hammer and nails n do it myself , tho he says it must be done with a drill. Well I'm close to not caring.
Oh and I managed to go to the gym today, at least somethibng I can be proud of.

PS. The picture is from, it is an old cover one can buy and I love it looks so pretty and rosy ,just like my future! Hopefully! ;-)

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