Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm still hungover.Went out yesterday for a drink with DF and friends and then to a party (which was actually organized by my old University) and got quite drunk. People out there please never ever think of mixing raspberry martini, cider, and vodka orange!
Anyway it wasn't even too bad cause me and DF usually end up having a fight when we're both drunk but yesterday we didnt and all was ok. To his credit I tried but he was sweet and didnt go for it.

Except for the fact that I lost my phone at the party , and only noticed today at 12am when we woke up. AHHH so annoying , I never lost my phone before. Don't really care about the phone either , it was falling apart, and I'm not one to go for fancy phones so its wasnt worth much , but my sim card!!! I really really want it baack. my phone number is on all those cv's out there and I really need to keep my number, not to mention all the phone numbers on it. the whole thing really is pissing me off.Also its not like I can do much about it.Since no shop is open tmrw and on monday I'm working from 9 to 6 which doesnt exactly give me time to run around town for a new card.Am a little preoccupied with this now so not the best post ever.

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