Friday, March 21, 2008

What a beautiful day

Finally managed to upload a picture from last Sunday's brunch.All I'm saying is that what you see on the table was about a third of the food we had.It was taken before we put out the bagles,eggs, bacon etc...Ps we bought so many eggs that we still got bout 20 left no idea what to do with them ;-)

Today, I slept till 10!I'm still tired a bit but I really had an enjoyable day, I woke up read a bit of Vogue and I was just contemplating what to do with my day, or whethe I should drag my booty to the gym , when a friend from one our Philippino circle of friends here calle and asked if I was still up for lunch. So we met in the 5th, which s absolute fave quartier, its very Paris and cute while still actually having some french people living there.And we had classic brasserie french for lunch. I had salad which sounds deceptively healthy till one sees the mounts of fois gras (hmmmm) that were piled on top of it.And it was really a sunny and beautiful day, which always cheers me up. So does the fact that I had work this week will have a bit of money at the end of the month and still get to enjoy a looong weekend.

Oh and happy Easter to everyone! Though I feel like Easter in the city is just not the same.We'll try to go to church on Sunday just to have something easterly, we'll see if we manage to actually do it. My mum and me used to go to the forest and get blooming branches than paint eggs and hag them on it . And I can see in my mind how our garden bach home is starting to wake up now. Mommy says she's got a new gardener , who looks like James Dean , cant wait to go home ;-)!

PS. Got my first Thank You note as a hostess , thanking me for last weeks brunch!Feels so grown up.

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