Monday, March 3, 2008

Just another day...

I am quite content , have sent a few more CV's though sometimes doupt if it even matters.But I guess I shouldnt give up. Miss Budapest a lot today ,my home and my mum's dog and my cats . Its so hard having grown up with animals around and not having them now. Especially since DF is never at home in the evening. His mother heard from his aunt that I wasnt in a good mood and a bit depressed and even offered to buy us a kitten.I would so love one but we always rationalize it. That the apartment is too small, we travel too often ,that if I get a job nobody will be there to take care of it and if ever I was to get a job in London there is always quarantene. But then again I have been at home for the last two months and could hve easily taken care of one. Oh well I wish I could legitimately be a housewife , have a baby, a dog and a cat to take care of and just enjoy it. >But of course first I have to earn money prove myself etc. Sometimes I really wish I would have lived in the 19th century. At least then, taking care of a household was a respected position for a woman and not just seen as slacking off. Ok so today's is a very unfeminist post.

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