Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grey grey day

After having a few drinks with friends last night ar Harry's Bar, I had to drag myself out today early to send the letter in french detailing why I want the job in London. I know... in FRENCH!! I mean French is the reason I want to work there in the first place , to get away from not speaking that language perfectly . So then I get a call from the recruiter telling me that the letter is good, and that she's going to present me as a candidate.An hour later she calles me that the pr agency decided to reject me because I'm not a NATIVE ENGLISH speaker!!! I mean what the f**k!!First I have to jump through hoops with the French and then the reason for rejecting me is my English?! I probably speak a higher level of English than some natives , not to mention the fact that my English at the moment is probably better than my actual native language German. So much to that.

Then I decided on some retail therapy and wanted to pick up this cute polka-dot silk blouse I had in mind for weeks, but for some weird reason my card didnt work even though I had money on it.Hate when that happens. At least me n DF had a nice lil snack n movie. And on my way home I decied to pop into Zara and their new spring stuff are actually cute. So I picked some stuff , but then the line to to pay was so long tht I just left everything. Hah all in all except the time with DF a bit of a disappointing day. But I when I just tried to go on the website I discovered their zara home collection website which right away made me want to redecorate thats where I found these fake diamonds which are so cute, and the glass perfume bottles , very budoir. Makes me want to go to Madeleine to their store tmrw!

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