Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ahhh so I went to the gym, and whilst killing myself (well not so much got off after 7 min) on the rowing machine I was thinking about all those people who could legitimately slack off at home and it hit me WRITERS!! And as I was thinking that I started developing a plot (ok so its not exactly complete yet).I really miss that bit of intellectual stimulation that University delivered and reading the Economist somehow doen't do it anymore so I decided to start writing a novel. I've had a math teacher who has published quite a few books and when I asked him how he started, he just told me that the the way he looked at it was, taking little steps consistently. So if he wrote a page every day for a year , that meant he had a book by the end.I really like that thinking ,it only takes consistency and a bit at a time.Well I'll see how far I'll get on that.But one thing is for sure unless he reads it here I won't tell DF since he hasn't exactly been complimentary of my intellect lately.I really can't use any more criticism.

The other issue I was thinking about is the fact that all these guys around seem to have developed particular men's habits.My DF is on FOREX whenever he's home,trying to make money with more or less success.Another friend's BF is hooked on ebay , buying stuff till he cant pay their rent.lovely is all I can say to that...And my mum's partner is really into buying crazy real estate.There must be some kind of instictual explanation behind that.

Ok so that's that I really really have a craving for sweets right now , like proper patisserie. Thank God everything is closed by now but hey I'll put up a pic of dreamy Laduree stuff just to look , and guaranteed without the calories and I'll go back trying to track down suitable positions on monster.com or reading my book...

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