Friday, March 7, 2008

Other People's Drama

Drama drama drama... well I'm happy to report that for once its not in my life. But not having dated for two years now, and having had quite extensive dating experiences before that, I really dont get it.I mean what do people think?! Just heard too many bad dating stories lately, it just seems quite a few people in this world are delusional or something. And I really don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings here. Quite frankly I almost hope nobody reads this.

So one of my friends thinks that a guy she has seen about three times in the last three months, and hasn't called her for days after the last nite they spent together, is going to be the man of her, SERIOUSLY!
OK, so if all laws of the dating universe will reverse there might be a chance in hell for that, but why waste so much energy so much emotion on the matter. I'm not saying that I have never obsessed over a guy in my life , but quite often I'd say a man's actions speak for themselves , and though there might be a myth out there where a man clearly doesn't show a sign of wanting to be together with a girl and then suddenly over night changes his behaviour, the whole sitution just seems a bit too screwed up. The thing is a have had fuck-buddys (hope mum doesnt read this)but that's the guys I didnt obsess about.Plus one minor detail, one thing a fuck-buddy should deliver on a reguler basis is guess what :to f***k you!So if thats not happening really whats the point.

Im kinda sorry dont really want to hurt anyone's feelings the situation just gets to me, especially after reading this blog on, called 'Man needs date' .Now that is a man with unbelievable amounts of stupidity and just plain malice!Wow; the guy goes on a date with a girl and while standing next to her starts holding the hand of another girl cos he thinks she's cute.And worse, all in the blog. Anyway there is more out there, amongst my friends too, but I should really rather spend the blog writing bout my own 'fun' situation.
Especially since I manage to send exactly ONE job application so far today.For some reason the sun was just gone all day and the entire city under my balcony was immersed in a milky shade of grey , made me feel like not moving all day and didn't even drag myself to the gym.

At least I'm reading this really great book by Siri Hustvedt right now called 'What I loved'.I didnt find the beginning so gripping but the writing is just so masterul i kept reading and this morning t suddenly took a turn and I got completely immersed.I love when a book does that and you just can't stop flickin those pages and if it is an actually wothwile book, and not some stupid chick lit all the better.I have wanted to read this one for ages cause I really liked the title but a well written book needs attention and will to get immersed and feeling completely intellectually starved its the perfect time. I think i'd quite like to try some Paul Auster after this would be interesting whether their styles show some paralells.So that is something right now that makes me content.

Things are going quite well with DF too, we are planning on a calm,chilled weekend so the poor guy gets to relax a bit.I really enjoy living with him, theree are moments, that it hits me how well our personalities and our humour mix.And I think we are both quite lucky to have found each other, but at the same time I think to have a meaningful relationship and to be happy, not just with another person but with oneself is a choice we make. Not always consciously, but I do believe it isn't fate only or serendipidity or luck , but a choice that comes from us.

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