Saturday, May 31, 2008

Choose a Shoe Day

I have been way to mean in my post yesterday so I figured I concentrate on something pleasant today;shoes!

Since my wedding photographer cancelled (and yes there were tears) I figured I could spend a little more on shoes and jewellery.So I went to Burma today and completely and utterly fell in love with a pair of overpriced earrings. They are perfect but I need to wrap my brain around spending 850 EUR on bijoux aka silver and zirkonia.Haven't found a picture of the earrings so I'll compensate with shoe pics.I'm all confused I want them to be fancy an glorious, a bit bold yet something I could wear at a later date, hence the absence of white and ivory shoes. Plus if the wedding dress turns out right they will be mostly hidden by it anyway,and I like the idea of some fun coloured shoes underneath (like blue or yelow)but maybe thats just weird and I should stick to gold sandals. Anyway if anyone reading this feels inspired, let me know what you think / which one you like!

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