Monday, May 12, 2008

Huh Its hot hot hot in our 7th floor apartment and I've been cranky and moody the last few days so writing about the weekend is hardly worth it , but I am hooked on a new blog.
It is so beautifully written and fun, about food of course which doesn't help as I'm on an unofficial diet but too nice to not read, and read some more.

So in inspired by it I thought I'd put up photos of my own culinary forays , my pistachio-raspberry meringues and my grandmothers famous Hansen-Gensen Torte (German cake with almond meringue topping and clotted cream n strawberry filling)I might make the cake for DF on his coming B-day.We'll see if by then I'm in a better mood and brave the insanity of baking in this weather!

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