Friday, May 30, 2008

So here we are again... I'm kinda contemplating this thing that happened today so I'll share. I wore my african dress to work, a dress made from fabric my friend brought me from Nigeria.I quite like it, granted the pattern is quite vivid and to boot I wore it with my lil yellow jacket but I felt inspired to be bold after seeing the Sex & City movie yesterday (more on that in a bit) and it fits me beautifully. Then i get to work and I ge a compliment from a collegue , easily the worst dressed person I know. I mean, BAD. TASTE.Like just a recent gem of an outfit of hers included white clogs+turquise socks+pin-striped dress pants with a sporty reebook striped t-shirt and NO BRA!what can I say , it was a vision. Now this otherwise nice person comments on my dress, saying how much she likes the pattern etc.
Hmm can mean two things , either she actually can recognize something nice, just thinks its expensive to have taste and can't shop for herself , OR my dress is really hideous.I'm pretty sure Df would vote for the latter as he hates the dress too. But his vote doesn't count in this matter, he hates pretty much anything thats patterned, or a fun colour.

Ok enough of this ridiculous topic on to the next. What's going on with not wearing a bra to the office ?!!!I mean I get it if my friend Sz. who incidentally has the most beautiful breasts (the girl's is an underwear/bikini model for chrissake)wears a cute silk backless top to a club. But in the office, jut kind of weird. Especially on someone, well less than attractive.Though when I think about it attractiveness doesn't matter. My ex-boss in the pr company, a comtess who at about 50 had the most amazing gazelle like body had a thing for never wearing a bra,well under cashmere sweaters it was about tolerable (though hello nipple!)but under her sheer YSL oranza blouses!Wow seroiusly it became just embarassing to speak to her. not even YSL could save her from that faux pas ;-)

I think I've got all the bitching off my chest now, so I can write about the Sex & the City movie yesterday.I most say that although I love Sex & the City and I had quite high expectations especially since all the rom-coms I've seen lately were kinda boring, I love love ...LOVED it.The girlyness, the fashion , the drama, the WEDDING!!the apartments , have I mentioned the fashion?!!!Ok I know I'm gushing and a bit ridiculous but hey this is my blog I do whatever the hell I want with it.So yeah it was good, even as far as movies go, it wasn't boring, neither too cliche (except for having a happy ending ,but that I was hoping for. It was the perfect feelgood experience sitting there in an entire roomfull of girls (there were like 3 guys in the entire movie theater) eat Magnum and watch. Well its also the same characters who kept me company through my first year in Paris.The 6 season SATC dvd's were one of the things that kept me afloat when I first arrived here and for the first time lived on my own, in a strange city. Before I made friends and before I learned to make myself anything more elaborate than canned soop for dinner.So yeah I love the show but it got me through a hell of a lot of breakups, dates, affairs too and just general men mess before DF happened.I do get that its completely unrealistic in many ways but just love the fantasy of the shoes, the fashion shoots , the free vivienne westwood wedding gown, the man who buys you the most amazing apartment in a blink and builds you a a heavenly closet to boot.Though one thing is for sure Pat Fields must have been high off her boots the day she put a bird on SJP's head for the wedding scene.Oh well nevermind, it was still cool. I'll save my thoughts on the apartments (Carrie has a vanity and powder blue walls, sooo jelous!!)for some other time, this is getting way too long. A+

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