Saturday, May 10, 2008

So apparently I am making this into photo day , but I have just come back from perusing the local fleamarket we walked into by accidennt with DF. Thought I'd put up photos I have made in the past going to fleamarkets in Budapest.I absolutely love it all that old furniture, jewellery, bags , vases, china,trinkets. Its so much fun and though only a tiny fraktion is worth buying its nice to imagine how those mod leather chairs would work with the old globe and the fur carpet or the old cinema seats if we had a big loft with brick walls...oh well.My whole family loves it. My mom found her kitchen cabinet on a Budapest fleamarket had it renovated and it inspired her new kitchen look. My stepdad practicly furnished 2 guest bedrooms with antiques he found in Budapest.

Though antiques only work for me if they are reinterpreted with a bit of irony. I told my mom to be on the lookout for a baroque sofa but I'd probably have it upholstered in some fun colour like yellow or purple or stripes! One of the reasons why I long to move to an older apartment its just so more inspiring and things with history just don't work in our modern angular place.

On another topic ; DF has started writing his own blog. Hmmm.

I really like his writing and think honestly he's the better writer , just wish he wouldn't have started it by posting on a fight we had yesterday. Than again I hope he gets into it, cause he's really amusing.

So there. My no eating carb thing , that I prefer not calling a diet is goin well so far, and now I gotta haul my ass to the gym, before it closes.Ah bon courage to

pics by me

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