Monday, May 19, 2008

FOOD Glorious Food!!

These are the dresses from Jim Hjelm I sent as suggestions to my mom, but thats besides the point I wanted to write about the food...(food,fashion,food fashion...never know what first:-)(all pics from

Food glorious food... it was this song from Ice Age 2 that kept playing and plying in my head yesterday while having lunch with DF at Le Faitout our down the street , cafe/resto/bar.It was the first time in 10 days that I let loose and broke my diet and my was it worth it. Nothing fancy just beautiful homey french fare.Here's the rundown: started with terrine de volaille with oignons confit, then on to souris d'agneau with potato gratin and some legumes de soleil, and ended with a riz au lait maison avec sauce caramel au beurre sale! I appreaciated it so much more now , the soft buttery lamb meat that fell of the bones, the creamy gratin, the sweetness of the onion confit , and the cloudlike riz au lait..;ok so I am still dreaming about it. But good old well made french brasserie food is just such a very satisfying experience.

The afternoon was spent with our friend D. munching petit fours and trying wedding champagne at ours all awhile obsessing over wedding details.I think it was all the better to obsess as D. is planning her own wedding , here in France to be held even before ours and could relate.Much better than all those poor people who after a few minutes just give up trying to look interested.

I've also been wondering what my mother would wear for the occasion. She's making quite the effort to keep her silhuette so I am thinking , why not show it off? I just sent her a few suggestions the one's above, and although the end result may be a bit more conservative, I want her and my bridesmaids to shine just as myself.So with a little help from J. the fabric will be in soon and I can't wait to see what the girls will dream up.I love the Jim Hjelm website, it has so many cute dresses I think it's great inspiration.Not to mention that DF likes the idea of the red dress custom in Hungary. At midnight the bride slips into a racier red dress, to signify that she went from bride (as in virginal white)to wife/woman in red.Well who knows I'm warming to the idea of a dress change and if the budget can be stretched a bit it might even happen.

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