Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I feel really low on energy , grumpy and tired. Dunno why ,Tuesday's just don't do it for me.Saw on people.com that Sarah Jessica Parker was at Sephora on Monday, such a pity my friend M.isn't here she's the kind of person who'd be up for goin to stalk SJP, would have been fun but hey. Can't wait for that movie to finally come out thogh a bit afraid that it won't live up. Also the bachelorette party for the Croatian wedding has been moved so I wont be there, at least the wedding is still on. Can' wait for my vacation , it will be a lot to fit into a week back home, but I'm sooo ready to leave Paris for a bit, haven't been since Christmas and that's probably the longest time in my life ever that I've ben away from Budapest , my mom, friends ,cats'n dog.ahhh another 4 weeks!

Ok I better stop for today , kinda sound like a whiny homesick kid.

pic by me.

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