Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I didn't feel like writing when I came home from work tody, Tuesday's always get me down. The end of the week is so so far, and it has been rainig on and off for two days now .Then I went online and saw that our friends J.J. have put their wedding video on facebook. I couldn't stop watching for the last hour and half.Theirs was the most beutiful wedding I've ever been too, and not just because all the decor and touches were perfect but because througout you could feel that theirs was such a magical love , so certain and true, it radiated and charmed everybody there. Ok I am gushing and I should stop I'm just a bit under the spell of the video.

So back to wedding reaity. Our save the date's have arrived and are quite alright.No mistakes , and I like thm except now I wish I wouldnt have insited on copper lining to go with gold lettering.They are nice nevertheless and it was a weird feeling opening the box and looking at DF in disbelief that our wedding date was set and before us in black and white (in our case ivory and gold). We are both quite content to have the first palpable bit of certainty and I can't wait to go home and start setting up things.

Apparently DF will be my stepfathers witness at my mothers wedding.It came as a surpise, my mothers date is finally set for Fiday the 18th of July and originally they wanted their two girls my stepsis and me to be their witnesses, but apparently one is not allowed to be witness under the age of 18 so DF, who thankfully got the weekend off will step in. I'm quite excited about it , even if its just the 5 of us there , and happy that DF can come and we finally get to spend a few days away together from Paris and see a bit of Holland.

Been racking my brain on how to bring up the number of guests we can invite. I'm even considering using a long table plus several round ones , or have invite certain people only to the ceremony and dancing but not for dinner .Haven't come up with anything perfect yet but one thing is sure I won't give up the baroque chairs no matter how much more place they take up. But the longer this engagement goes on the more people ask to be invited . Amongst them people I'd actually love to have there, so I will have to come up with something , bring the number to at least a 100.

I should also try to update my CV , the current job is really ok and has a number of positives, the fact that I don't hate it , and my covorkers aren't a pest for example. I just feel that sorting through documents all day and dealing with costumers tax issues etc is so beyond anything that interests me, that it might be worth looking around a bit. Its far from me to quit though unless I found something terrific , this for the time being is fine.

above pic of the dining hall at our wedding place (the room's smaller than it looks)

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