Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sun, rain, sun, rain, sun...all day long and although the weather annoys the hell out of me, I still managed to have a pleasant Saturday. I love to start the weekend with a looong Saturday lie in, cuddle , read magazines, he reads his Economist , we get tea, n juice and no reason in the world to get up rush and be somewhere, just lazy lazy morning.Then attempted to make home made hummus , which didn't turn out to be the worst I ever ate , so in my books its a success.

I planned to go buy DF's birthday present alone, but as my last two attempt weren't perfect, and he's a very fussy guy when it comes to his rather pared down style, this time I asked him whether he wanted to come along and help me choose it. With a little compromising from both of us it actually turned out to be a good idea. I was hell-bent on buying him a leather man bag and a cashmere grandpa cardigan ,or some fancy shaving stuff, but then he fell in love with some beautiful shoes, and in the end shoes it is. But I will still get to choose him something little to go with them. A nice pen , fancy Penhaligon's shawing cream or who knows...Oh and an old granny supersticion says that if you buy a man shoes he will walk out on you , so DF had to promise that despite new shoes he'll stay with me.Hopefully it will be ok.

One thing is sure though , while shopping for girl friends is the easiest thing in the world buying stuff for the guy in your life is excrutiatingly hard. Although I did appreciate the selection at BHV Homme, Balthazar in Le Bon Marche is great too, but BHV beats it with the more flexible price range.(Plus they have super cute Panama hats that look great on me too!)

Bought some magazines too at W.H.Smith's then went to a friends for a chat.And fell in love with her apartment. S. lives on the same metro line as us but a bit closer to the center, and in one of those old Parisian apartments with two generous rooms, high ceilings and stucco work, I'm so in love with it, I just can see the potential( some beautiful pistachio and cream walls, silk curtains and gilded mirrors it would be incredibly chic).Wish we could move in but I doupt DF would be up for it , or that the apartment would free up anytime soon.Ah well. I think I'll curl up with some wine, and this month's Vogue and just have a chilled out Saturday night.

pic by me; on a day in Normandy with the same crazy sun/rain weather.

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