Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Looking back at the last 4-5 days its all a blur of drinks and brunch and dinners and talks and friends. I absolutely enjoyed myself had such a fun fabulous time but just as gorging on cotton candy leaves one craving salad (well in an ideal world it would , I'd just crave gummybears)I can't wait to hole up tomorrow and spend the entirety of the day at home doing nothing, well reading, eating watching series and hanging out with DF.Even cancelled on a trip to the fleamarket with a friend, but as much as I love fleamarkets and the thrill of finding sthing special amongst the garbage , I cant bring myself to be social or leave the premises on my day off.

Ok enough on me being a hermit.This weekend and all the conversations may have influenced my big rush to move to London a bit, I don't feel as keen at the moment.A friend of mine put it simply and asked me whether I was willing to sacrifice my lifestyle.Well in one word NO!French people do annoy me and I long for a career that would be fulfilling in a country where ppl speak English.But I do realize that the staus quo is worth preserving. Our life here after all isn't the worst.And am I the ambitious type who is bent on climbing the career ladder and doesn't mind working 10 hours?Honestly not really. Career is fine and good and pays the bills but I live for what comes after work, and Paris does seem to be the city where that kind of thinking isn't outlandish. Well that and the fact that they have a bank holiday per week pretty much.
On the other hand who knows how I'll think once half of our friends have moved to different cities (happening pretty soon ) and its grey grey Paris winter again.

Oh and it seems like I will be goin to a friends wedding on the Croatian coast! Am soo excited! We went to the same high-school, and I admire this girl. She's one of those always gracious , nice and elegant girls. She's also Hungarian but will marry an Italian with Croatian roots. I'm sure it will be an amazing intimate affair, and whats mre fun it will be a roadtrip with my girls , we plan on driving down from Budapest on Friday (the wedding is Saturday)and squeeze some tanning an lounging by the sea into our wedding schedule.yeay!So looking forward to it and to being home and seeing my mom.Quite releived to have finally bought her the little Vuitton bag , poor woman deserves something nice after all the stuff she's doing. Now only need to find something perfect for DF.

ps pic is of Opatia in Croatia where the wedding will be.

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