Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So here it is , THE dress , the dress that made me give up all deserts, bread, carbs and cocktails (well almost...)for the last week (and still going).I bought it two years ago when DF and me started dating and he told me about his sisters wedding, that he wanted to take me and introduce me to his family.Then I found THIS dress, which I think is perfect attire for weddings,neither white nor black nor garish or too sexy, so I love it and wanted to re-wear it again for my friend's wedding in Croatia in 4 weeks.Well its no secret that since Df is in the picture I have gained weight. Basically living alone and not knowing how to cook kept me slimmer before.Yet the dress still fits , it fits in the hips in the vaist , everywhere except my bust!I literally am busted! So while half the world is trying to bulk up in the area I am on a 4 week diet to fit them into my dress!Seriously!

Makes me think about those weeks before Christmas a few years ago , when my mum went on a radical diet to fit into a silk gown for my stepdads Christmas party at the Savoy in London,She did it too. well there's a good example that woman has an iron will when it comes to dieting. So wish me luck!

Anyway enough of diets that heineous word, so yesterday I took a break from my sugar embargo and met up with friends at this amazing little bar in the 2nd, it's so cool I almost don't want to divulge it, but hey. The name is Experimental Cocktail Club and it has everything a truly good bar makes.Good, even inventive drinks,cool music and a cosy brick wall meets dark velvet meets mood lighting atmospere to which the fun people and cool music only added . So all in all a gem, and a great place to take out of towners for pre-clubbing drinks.Which is what yesterday nite was about.

As for the picture of the cake, I wanted to include it,cause my friend who's getting married in August just sent it to me. She's having a pink-white dot themed wedding in Budapest which I'm looking forward to immensely. Because she has such a fun spirit and lovely taste and partly also because her wedding being before mine I get to see how her vendors work, which is important as we might end up using the same florist , baker etc. So dots it is , on her invites, cake and dress.. even her future husband to be calls her dots.Verging on cheesy but so cute!

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