Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just got home from dinner with friends , wow it was a tiring week, first of all it was the first full five day work week in a while and living in France with all their holidays , one gets used to the 4 day week. then there was a friends graduation party (where I got wayyy too drunk thanks to champagne on an empty stomach), DF's birthday that had to be executed and and well ... nothing else but man do I feel beat.

He's now 27 and until my Birthday in August he's officially two years older than me, which i actually kinda like. 27 sounds so grown up its weird sometimes I feel like we both just a couple of kids playing grown up. Oh and my mom's wedding date is set for a July weekend I'm kinda excited plus it means that we get to go to Amsterdam for that weekend (my stepdad's from round there)and the best is it looks like DF is coming , so not only is it a happy weekend already , we also get to enjoy Amsterdam together! yeay!Its something for July to look forward to. I need occasions every couple of weeks that I can anticipate , it gets me through the boring goin to and comig from work routine.

I'm realizing now that lately I've been worrying too much, too many questions and doubts.I feel like I'm not enjoying our reality enough, at the same time though worries are probably part of this phase and of course legitimate, I just need to let go of them so they don't blind me to what I've got.

pic by me again, this time of the church in Etretat where originally I wanted to get married!

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