Thursday, May 8, 2008

Had my lazing around day finally , and DF was so sweet he had risotto planned but went along with my no-eating-carbs-for-4-days thing and made us an amazing salad!He brought me OJ to bed and left me to finish my book,I even got him hooked on gossip girl with me, so all around it was lovely. If I just wasn't really pissed at him now, cause he just called me 10 min ago whether I would mind if he worked tmrw.And of course I mind, but asking me is such a trick, its not like I can say no, then its my fault if his paycheck will be less, and we run low on funds.I mean it's only one nite and we'll get to see each other plenty,but evenings together are so rare.Anyway so I am annoyed.Not to mention tht goin without carbs or sugar for 4 days. Its meant to stop cravings after , kind of cleansing your system or whatever , but I'm on the 2nd day and man am I craving popcorn, and Ben&Jerry's,being a couch potato's way less fun without.

Have finished reading "Recipes for a Parfect Marriage" today. Picked it up last week when I couldn't get into the Allende and I must say that although it has a silly title and is still no far from chick lit, it was very enjoyable. Especially as it actually painted a picture of marriage the way I see it. It wasn't about the ONE or a love thats destiny.More about how to work out the hard stuff.Kind of hit a vein with me as lately random people have asked me questions like "Are you sure he's the one?" or "Do you really love him?"or "Are you sure you're gonna stay forever?".Well honestly I may believe in the perfect wedding, but I don't believe in the perfect marriage, and do I know the answer to those questions well not exactly , ask me again when I'm eighty!A wedding although meaningful is a production, but marriage is not easy or predictable.I do believe in compatibility, and sharing the same humour and being affectionate and loving.But what do those girls do if the guy they thought the ONE cheats or betrays them or God forbid farts!

When I was around 7 my parents rented out an apartment to this young couple, she was a ballerina and he a confisier,and they were both beautiful and glowing and in love . She invited me to go see her as swan in Swanlake and he brought home cakes and the best raspbery ice cream ever, and of course they also had a beauiful lil black dog named TOTO, how symbolic!
So they get married, move into their own home and have an angelic blond blue eyed son together.

And 3 years later she started cheating on him with his best friend 4 years later she moved in with the new guy , and there goes the fairytale.

Why am I writing this story?Not to show that I'm a cynic but because this was a couple I revered and as a kid they were the embodyment of destined to be together...but it didnt work out.That doesnt mean that I don't love DF or that I don't believe in great love stories or believe that some couples are pretty damn close to perfection (shoutout to J&J)but it does mean that I believe relationships aren't always easy and even more so marriage and that the ONE to me seems like a pretty dangerous concept.And those stupid questions bug me.So there.A long long post.

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