Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Matters Of Faith

This is a hard topic to blog about as faith to me as well as religion are quite intimate topics , but as with anything else apparently a wedding brings up things that one has to deal with. We'd like to get married in the Chapel (pic above) that is in the lil castle where we are planning to wed. Now of course this Chapel as most historic churches in Hungary is Catholic, as am I, DF is Anglican . So I have called up the priest who is in chage of the church yesterday..and the difficulties started. First of all as I expected to get married in a catholic church one has to take marriage lessons over quite a priod of time, (weekly over several months).Now I don't think there is anything wrong with 'preparing your soul for the holy commuion of marriage'(as the priest said) I actually think its a good thing and gives a good foundation to a marriage, if it is taken seriously. The problem is; DF does not speak Hungarian,(and the priest not English) nor will we be for any significant amount of time in Hungary before our wedding.And since the priest of the Chapel told us that the priest who does the lessons with us has to marry us , that leaves us either with having to find a priest in Hungary, who speaks english AND is willing to do a course in a week-(unlikely),or to find a catholic priest in Paris who will prepare us and is willing to come wed us in Hungary.We shall see what works.Though the priest wasn't the most helpfull fella i've spoken to, especially seeing that my friends who are getting married in a church in very Catholic Croatia were allowed to do their coures with one priest in Germany (where they live) and just had to show a certificate to their the other one in Croatia.

Last resort is getting married in the beautiful parc of the Chateaux.Except I do actually love the church, and to DF it is quite important, so we will try our best to jump this hurdle too.Seriously who needs wedding preparatory course just planning a wedding is like one long course in negotiating and compromise.

There's many fun bits though , like the fact I've finally booked appointments at 3 wedding salons for when I'm in Budapest.Choosing between three or four dressmakers to make your own dreamdress, now that should be pretty fun.

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