Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today I heard from one of my girls that my Croatia-bride friend E. and her soon to be husband are trying for a baby,it always startles me when I meet people my age especially if its friends who are making that life changing decision.I think its great and beautiful to be a young parent if one's ready, but I am certainly not.After the wedding madness is over, I would like to enjoy just being with DF , being young and hedonistic travel and just live for ourselves for while. Though of course my views on the issue tend to change (when I was home looking for a job it seemed like a good idea) but being surrounded with collegues who have children helps bring home the realityof having a child.Financially, but also just as a couple and on the spontaniousness of things. So on my way home from work I thought up a rather incomplete list of things I'd like to do before having a child.

Doing the 10 day trip on the Transsiberian railway from St. Petersburg to Beijing

Going to finally visit my friends in the Phillippines

Going to the States ( unbelievable I know but I haven't been yet)

Having the perfect island holliday complete with palm trees, white sand and a lil bungalow on the water

Doing a sailing trip with friends

Go to P.E. Island in Canada

Live in London,and Asia for a while

Getting married ( :-)well I had to include it after all)

Ok so most of it is travelling and of course there's otherr stuff, like finding a job that I actually like, finding and decorating an apartment I love, etc. who knows if it will all happen, but hey one can dream...

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