Monday, June 9, 2008

Work work work...and Food !

Ah not much writing at the moment , this week is going to be crazy , lots of deadlines at work and I'm trying to stay a bit overtime to make up for the time I'll be gone.The weekend was mostly fun though. Lots of eating though, which isn't the best thing seeing that I have wedding dress shopping to do in a week aka changing in front of a bunch of strangers (horror!!!)DF n me went for a Farewell Dinner in honour of our friend S. on Friday , it was a fun experience . The concept is that an American couple prepare a 10 course dinner in their own home for upt to 12 people. One has to book quite a bit in advance and it isn't cheap but the fun atmosphere and pretty well prepared food made it worth it and its in the privacy of a beautiful home, with a lovely host couple.My personal favourites were the red snapper, the vanilla infused mashed potatoes and as to be expected the desert! Pictures above a few of the dishes served to us.
Would love to do it again sometime.

I've been wondering about the wedding present for Croatia bride. Its so difficult when people don't have a wedding list. Especially since this is a girl I know from high-school and have not been to her home with her groom or don't know many of their habits. Its so helpful to know whether a couple likes entertaining or decorating or games or art or whatever. A wedding present being something that is meant for both is kinda hard to buy blind, but I hope I will figure something out . Not that I have much time, I'm leaving on Friday ...yeay!

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