Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm back!

So I am back to Paris and had all in all a lovely week in Budapest/Croatia. And if I'm not exactly reposedit was worth it! I got a lot done in Budapest , and the wedding in Opatia, Croatia was unbeliavably beautiful and fun. Don't even know what to start with...

Well I have a dressmaker paid 50 % of my wedding dress ( the rest upon delivery)and have my first fitting scheduled for August! I met and booked our photographer and found a wedding planner I think I can trust. So far so good.

Then last Friday two girlfriends and me set out on a 6 hour drive to Opatia in Croatia. I was pleasantly surprised. Having been part of Hungary at the turn of the century the town has really kept its architecture and charm and so far has been my best experience in Croatia. The water was great the food too and the bride and groom have booked us into a fabulous design hotel at a ridiculously discounted rate(where a sweet note and Escada sleepmasks greeted us).I shared a room with two of my friends as I didn't feel like being alone in a room, and it was like we were all back in high-school on the most luxuroious class excursion! So much fun. We arrived on Friday afternoon, had some seafood then wen't down to the beach for the rest of the day then to the rehearsal dinner at night.Saturday was spent lounging at the beach and at 6pm the wedding was held in a small Catholic church just by the water and the bride stunning and sooo happy. Then people had champagne while a Croatian band played and then everybody walked by the beach to the restaurant. I must say it was all fantastic the restaurant was just by the water and the 9! course seafood inspired dinner one of the best foods I've had.Scampi and truffle risotto and my heart still aches when I think of the Monkish filet and tenderloin I couldn't eat cause I was so full,not to mention the white chocolate/ coconut wedding cake, grrr. It was magical a red moon and fireworks over the water and lots of dancing.

A few bits I was missing,there weren't any speeches and no bouquet throwing , but the understated elegance of it all,the scenery, and the beaming groom and bride made it very special.

Thats long enough for today but I'm sure it will keep inspiring me in the next few days. If you're a 'friend' then head over to my facebook account for more pics, all by me of course :-)

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