Thursday, June 12, 2008

Budapest here I come :-)

This week wasn't easy with a a major deadline at work and many frazzled nerves and lots of overtime.But then when I finally left it was all behind me "apres moi la deluge" as the french say. And now I'm packed (10 shoes and 10 dresses for a week no less)and scrubbed and ready to go. We'll almost, I'm kind of sad that DF can't come with though with 3 wedding salon appointments 2 wedding planners and a photograper meeting not to mention all the facial etc I have to do back home It's probably better I go alone, will give me ample suff to write about here though.

Just watching Charade while waiting for DF to get home , forgot how much I love this one. The Givenchy costumes, the illarious dialogue the Henry Mancini, music. Its great last time I saw it I was in the University Library during final week , and used it to reward myself for two hours of non-stop studying . Or maybe it was a half an hour my memory is a lil foggy on that. And yesterday we went to buy dvd's with DF , searched in vain for Its a wonderful Life or World or whatever its called but finally ended up with Charade and Enchanted and well Legends of the Fall. What can I say DF hasn't seen the latter so he has to be initiated :-)
Then we picked up McDoalds as entree, Indian take-away curry as main and a tub of cheese-cake brownie Ben & Jerry's as dessert.What can I say it was a verrrry guilty junk pleasure night n the diet went down the drain , but hey.

By tomorrw nite I'll be home in my proper room , n with Jackie my mom's Jack Russel and Baby , my cat. Missed them so much can't wait to have them around.Its always good to get away from Paris once in a while gets things into perspective, where I stand whats next things feel.

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