Monday, September 15, 2008

Here goes ... Dior

I enjoy working,

I enjoy working,

I enjoy working... was the mantra I kept telling myself today. I am starting my new job tomorrow and trying to wire myself to be enthusiastic and eager.Has almost worked too. Seriously though I am quite excited and curios . Excited about returning to work in a fashion environment and curious about the people I will be working with.I am praying for them to be nice. Really, really hope they will be.

Oh and lest anyone be mislead, NO i won't directly work for Dior. I work for a society that does all their client services . So the society I work for is in partnership with Dior and they will train me in Dior product (as if I needed that ;-)but Dior is not my direct employer. AND NO I won't get married in DIOR ! I wish !

My wedding planner seriously asked me that. Sweet of her to think,unfortunately I dont have a few 100.000 EUR on the side for a Couture wedding dress. Though I still going to be happy with my dress, made in Budapest , just as long as it looks the way I imagine it ...

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