Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day....

Reading Paul Auster's New York Trilogy , with my financial anxiaties and longing to be away from this city are making me rather glum at the moment.DF's mother is sick in hospital. So the meeting of the parents, that we have planned for months is probably cancelled not to mention that I really worry for her and hope she will be better. Of course I'm still loking forward to a week of freedom back home not to mention all the things we have to organize but it dampens the mood that she isn't well.

On a minor but to me uite important detail the fact that his parents are'nt coming eans also that the fabric for the girls isn't going to arrive in Budapest on time ... and so goes another thing to organize.

I have been sending my cv's to Brussel job offerings for the last few days but haven't yet had a respnse , on the other hand french recruiters called me again with an opportunity here at the Bourse. Not completely my cup of tea, but if it pays better and means I don't have to brave the RER every day I'm all for it.Just have to find a way to go from my working place to the oher end of the city in 45 minutes for the interview on Thursday. Which means that I will be late for an interview ...again , oh the joy of interviewing whilst being in a job...

To get me out of my depressed pit this morning I was imaginig what I'd do if money or responsibilites wouldnt be of importance. I guess I'd buy a farm in Canada put up a few geese and mules , then have a kid, pick up my camera, travel and write books about it. Not lonely planet style but the old fashioned travel-diary books with collages in them a la Peter Beard. I would also give DF enough money so that he could open his own restaurant wherever he wanted. I guess that would be his money-doesn't-matter dream. (and yes, despite all the moaning I know that we aren't the worst of people on earth)

On a more earth bound note , I spent an hour browsing through the Peter Beard giant book by Taschen last weekend so if anyone out there cares to give me a 4000euro birthday gift thats my tip.

pictures from google, the oh-so-handsome Peter Beard and one of his works

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