Saturday, July 12, 2008

A girl's best friend...

Just got off the phone with my good friend T.. Correction he used to be a great friend when I was still living and studying in Budapest. Seems like such a long time away and we lost touch a little bit, apart from a few e-mails and messages on facebook this was the 1st time in a long time that we spoke.He always used to be a bit of a troubled existence but one of he sweetest souls I know. In any case speaking with him brought back to me howI used to love having guy friends.Haven't found any here , not surprisingly as my University was about 96% female.One of the guys who used to be my best friend is married now and moved to Australia the other is in politics in the States and so most of them scattered around and I'm left to navigate my life guy-friendless. Having just spoken to T. after such a long time a bit nostalgic now.

On wedding matters: caved in this week and bought Martha Stewart weddings for 14 euros!!! Ok so it is completely ridiculous of me as it costs like 6$ in the States bbut I needed a pick-me-up and celebrate the weekend on Friday.Need to write to our wedding planner and settle matters plus find a wedding present for my mom's wedding next weekend! I guess I'm a bit melancholy in general , two of our good friends are moving away next week, then the issues with the venue and i guess just general moodyness. photograph by Irving Penn . what a genius ! love him .

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