Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Got so excited this morning, found frozen Blueberries on sale at Picart ( blueberries in Paris are usually impossible to find and impossibly expensive and I love them !)

Only two weeks to go until we fly off to our 3 week holiday in the Philippines !

Can’t wait. In fact am so excited that even the 24 hour flight with 3 airport changes seem like heaven, not having any phone calls to take, time to read...Leave dirty grey February Paris behind. Not to mention finally leaving Europe again to see something completely new . Our honeymoon in June was lovely and relaxing on the ship but staying in Europe always feels like you are in a familiar place , no matter where you go within it . The Philippines should give us a bit of a shaking up and it will be lovely to see and spend time with our friends there.

I love getting and giving host gifts you can use all those random gift ideas piling up and also buying some stuff I wish I could buy myself but just won’t because we don’t really need them . So I finally ordered the last of our host gifts from an amazing bakery in Normandy famous for their butter biscuits ( ) And received some others from the UK .Only thing to do is go buy Dyptique candles – I prefer TOCCA myself but Dyptique is more French so will work in this case.

So just as a note to anyone out there if in worry about presents just get (me) anything TOCCA ( especially candles & solid perfumes) cause their stuff is amazing quality plus scents! -not an ad or anything just love their stuff.

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