Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Anthropologie is my web window- shopping candy . I love to browse it as well as JCrew and Banana Republic but since they don’t have stores in Paris and shipping from the states is exorbitant it stays window shopping . Sometimes I order a piece with friends going back to the States, but mostly it's platonic fashion love from afar. Either way when I saw their lovely Spring/ Summer images on Joanna’s Cup Of Jo blog,I was close to booking a trip to London just to shop ( the closest Anthro store). I love their style mix and the colors, and ah the feather blouse! So refreshing after seeing all the French girls in variations of black and grey all winter. Really I never got the American admiration for French girl style .

It’s easy, you start with an emaciated, skinny-from-too-many-cigarettes body, add some skinny grey jeans+slouchy boots + a grey tunic. Top that with a furry vest or an old leather motorcycle jacket and some messy bed head hair, smudge some black eyeliner around your eye , and voila French girl ‘chic’. It does look good to on many of them but a, gets boring pretty fast b, It really doesn't work on curvy bodies c, doesn't require any creativity at all. I think it takes much more style to be colorful and chic (without looking ridiculous) a la Kate Spade & Anthropologie, a bit like Michelle Obama. Not that manage looking lovely and colorful every day but my sensibility is definitely more Anthropologie then French girl chic and yeah some girls pull off the I-just-fell-out-of-Pete-Doherty's-Bed look , but I prefer going for 50's pretty.

Images from Jezebel- Anthropologie.com

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