Monday, April 20, 2009

Somehow today was a really hardcore monday ... not only did I have a short weekend (was workin on saturday as well as the coming two saturdays) and 1 day weekends just don't do it for me, I also got in a fight with one of my bridesmaids and am slightly annoyed with another . I guess it makes sense that the friends who've been the biggest help and kind of moral support in this whole planning crazyness are the ones that recently-or semi-recently got married , they are just angels and I really appreciate them. Not to completely bust on all my single friends or get into bridezilla territory , but the wedding's coming up and its getting intense and well they've all seem to've got their lives filled with their own drama.

Nevermind ,i got home smooched DF, ate some grapefruits and listened to DF's best man, J.'s song,( ) i love it when friends make songs, it helps that I actually like the music , but something wth recognizing the voice as well.... it just makes me happy , same with my friend Kc's album 'Melt with you ' .

Another thig that cheered me up this weekend was the fact that me and >DF tried dancing. He's a great dancer but me ....another story.Despite all my years of toddler and child ballet classes, its sad . But we put on Sinatra ( We're thinking ''Fly me to the moon..) and actually managed to dance even though some of DF's more ambitious twirls bumped me into the tables in our small living room it was hilarious . It gave me some hope though we might manage to look OK dancing together.

PS,For cheering up, waching High Society helps too.

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