Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all! Mind you I'm in the office working ( not too much of it though as it is blessedly calm)

Brought wedding work with me too as I'm planning to start writing the place cards this afternoon and answering letters from those family members who can't come. We are just at the stage where we try to hunt down our invitees who haven't sent their RSVP's trying to figure out who we can still invite last minute and starting to work out how the tables will work. Which goes something like this " So if I invite uncle S. then I can't not invite aunt E. but with her we still have 2 free seats and I don’t want to punish people by sitting them there so let’s invite the two horrid cousins and just make it a table." Yeah family is fun! That’s the worst of it though the seating rest is way more pleasant.

Also lots of things made me happy this weekend , it started with the blooming Park in Levallois ( tulips, magnolia trees, pansies...) then I bought a bunch of new books in WHSmith’s , and Vanity Fair arrived in the office which always means days of reading . I got two cute hair bands both with bows ( cause, "Who doesn't like bows?!" )
Went to the Marché in rue Cler ,on the 69 bus my favorite line in Paris, bought flowers and a pot of daisies and D. showed me where to get cupcakes, aaaand they are amazing ,not to mention the 3 cute guys who work in the shop are serious eye candy.
And DF made the yummiest healthy dinner on Saturday and got me some noix st jaques ( which I managed to overcook AND over salt my pea puree soup, (I'm SO not a cook!)

both images taken by me.

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