Friday, November 21, 2008

In between

Right. So my boss wants us to work wihout break , but deigned to give me two days off for Christmas (no pause at new years oh no!) df wants me to stay around and never go home, and my mom wants me to go home but only when she's there , meaning christmas, or march as she's wintering in Germany.

So I'm in between, my boss is happy with the two days off , working from the 27th till new years eve and beyond (and I mean NO sundays working) but gave me the holiday I need for end of january so I can fly to Budapest; choose the menu, have as many dress fittings as it takes, meet two priests , a florist hairdressers , make-up and planner. Of course now my mom is not happy because that means I would spend a fortnight in our house without her being there. But wedding wise , march is just too late. So I'm back at sqare one where somebody is unhappy with shedulings.
Wow I honestly don't know how people with actual families and kids do this.Oh yeah and I forgot Dior had the lovely idea of all of us having to take an oral quiz next Monday. Basically learn all the dates, occurances and symbols of Christian Dior's life by heart. Yeah like in school. Its not that I think its hard or a big deal but I do find it ridiculous.And I spent a big chunk of my day chasing down 45 Dior candles for Sir Elton John (his assistant called).Candles for Elton john , what else!So thats my insanity right now.

No wonder I'm wishing I lived on a farm on the Canadian coast. But I guess thats for when I retire,until then there is a whole lot of city life to live. Guess if we talking city life there is worse places then Paris especially when it twinkles so endearingly under my windows.

And I have the Thanksgiving Sunday at D.'s place to look forward to.

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