Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yeay! and welcome to aMiss in Paris!

Since I have become sooo horribly addicted to the blogs on glamour.com, and since I've been grappling with my own situation, living in Paris, looking for jobs, having moved in with my DF (Dear Fiancee) and planning my (sorry OUR) wedding

AND since i have spent the last hour or so procrastinating, i figured why not start my own blog. At least a creative way to procrastinate, no?
I mean i have finished all the gummy bears in the house , plucked my eyebrows, (my secret alone behaviour), looked through old magazines, had a cup of tea, called e-mailed n facebooked friends etc. And have still not finished the application for this graduate work opportunity thing. I mean i have to answer questions like 'Why do you want to work in PR?' and 'Write a press release about yourself.' uh sooo not feeling it.

Not to mention that I have been to 2 interviews yesterday, and of course one of them, the one i'm more likely to be offered, pays next to nothing, and the other one , oh well how dare i even hope. Sometimes keeping my self confidence while on job search is really hard.
I know i have such lovely supportive people around me and have certain aspects that make me qualified, and still feel completely like reaching for the stars, just hoping for a normal interesting well paid job.

Oh well, i'll go n try to work on my positive attitude.


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