Thursday, February 28, 2008

Old Friends

I am still in my earlier happy mode, and now even happier. I have just spoken for an hour to my friend back home and completely poured my heart out to her.(god bless skype, and FRIENDS) I mean real FRIENDS !

We have so many acquaintances here in Paris, but I dont have so many real close girlfriends. And sometimes I wish I could just call them over like we used to and watch a silly movie or sthing. Just the ones from high-school back home and my best friend from uni who moved into her far-far away homeland after finishing uni. I really miss her cause she was the one person with whom I really experienced my first two years in this city , all those funny things and great meals and times spent just around each other or in each others places or with other friends its weird that that is gone. But that is the reason why I am even happier, because she called and although we only sporadically speak cos of the costs and the distance and her schedule. Its great how with this kind of friend you instantly have the same connection to each other.

I feel a bit weird cause earlier today DF took first look at this blog, (and criticised my spelling:-), yeah well I wish the spell check on our latop wasnt french , that might help) and so now I feel a bit constrained , especially since so far this has really been a diary style , flow of consciousness. But I dont really want to think and write with an audience in mind.

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